12 Tips to Win Betting

Many sporting fans may bet on their favourite sports, however, only a few of them are successful in the long run. Below are the basic principles for a successful sports betting strategy.

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How to win sports betting

  1. Use more than one sportsbook account

  2. Take advantage of the bonus offers

  3. Do the math

  4. Check for the advanced knowledge

  5. Live bets offer good opportunities

  6. Bet timing is important

  7. It is a marathon, not a sprint

  8. The importance of money management

  9. Define your betting capital

  10. Bets must make sense!

  11. Track your decisions

  12. Specialize & Become an expert

1. Use more than one sportsbook account

Before you can take part in any betting, you first need a betting account. You may be prohibited to only one account per bookmaker, however, nothing prevents users from opening accounts with several betting providers. This allows you access to all the best betting types, highest odds and best bonus deals.

2. Take advantage of the bonus offers

It is very unlikely that you will come across a bookmaker that does not offer new users a welcome bonus. This is a common offer that you will almost always be given upon joining a new provider.

These bonuses tend to be quite lofty in order to promote the likelihood of successful bets. Bonus offers mean that you are more likely to place bets which obviously means that your chances of success are better than not being in the game at all. Bonuses are great; however, you need to always read through the requirements and conditions before accepting a great-looking offer.

3. Do the math

The most important part of betting is the probability of success. The entire process of sports betting involves numerous possibilities that are expressed by betting odds. New users tend to only see the multiplier for their potential win in the odds, whereas players that are more advanced see a probability that the betting provider associates with the particular betting event. The trick here is to learn how a quota increases and what the increase means for you.

4. Check for the advanced knowledge

Successful bettors often find themselves successful due to being in possession of an advantage over the bookmaker – advanced knowledge. This means that you would have access to recent news regarding aspects like an important player or how a team is looking, basically information that pertains to the result of the game. Such pieces of information have not been taken into consideration by the betting provider when making the quota. If you have made a bet based on the gathering of such information, this would be known as a value bet. Reading and researching news regarding the sport is where the value comes in.

5. Live bets offer good opportunities

When it comes to betting strategy, live bets often offer exciting opportunities which make considering partaking in them a good idea. If you are someone that can read a game well and have an idea of which way the game will go, then this is the kind of betting for you. Live bets allow the user to react immediately to current events. If you turn out to be good at predicting the outcomes of live games, then you will find great success.

6. Bet timing is important

Just like in other industries, time is money in the world of betting. This is why we have crafted this list to help you make well-researched decisions that decrease the chances of time-consuming mistakes. Besides knowing the value of your time, another time-sensitive aspect of sports betting is when the betting odds become available on the market. The sooner you jump on the more attractive bets, the better. If you miss your window, these bets could already be settled. With this in mind, be aware that early bets hold their own risks at the same time. For instance, if a player injury occurs after you have made your bet, the outcome of the game, as well as, the value of your research could be affected.

7. It is a marathon, not a sprint

When it comes to sports betting, it is important to know that fast results often lead to fast losses. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this is not it. If you are willing to have patience and learn the tips of the trade, then you are more likely to see a profit. Quick bets are often reckless bets, keep your head clear and you will avoid a lot of mistakes.

8. The importance of money management

A player needs to be able to be adept when it comes to betting money management. There are many different types of bettors out there with different interests and different formulas for success, however, something that every decent player has in common is the ability to manage their funds. A system that works is one that maximizes profits and minimizes losses.

9. Define your betting capital

Tying in with the point on money management, users need to have a set betting capital before spending any money. Your starting capital does not need to be too modest, the key is budgeting and making the right calls to keep you in the game for longer. You will not see much success if you blow half of your capital on one bet.  

10. Bets must make sense!

Any successful bettor knows that they need to keep a clear head. A common mistake among newcomers is having a bet fail, then placing what is known as a “frustration bet” out of a mixture of irritation and impatience. These wagers are typically baseless with no research behind them which means that they inevitably fail. This is why a good rule to follow is to only make logical bets.

11. Track your decisions

Sports betting is a professional activity, there is not much fun to be had until you know what you are doing. This is because sports betting involves a lot of analyzing and researching games and statistics. An experienced bettor also knows to document all decisions and bets. This is mostly to see where bets went wrong (or right). Even going back months, these records are a good way for you to keep track of betting patterns and results. You can also keep track of your profits this way, where you can link winnings to the ideas and research that led to you placing the successful wager.

12. Specialize & Become an expert

If you do not know the game on which you are betting inside and out, then you are unlikely to turn a long-term profit. To make successful bets, any knowledge pertaining to the games, as well as, possible changes that may affect the outcome of said games need to be firmly cemented in your mind when it comes to context. In other words, you need to be able to fit the pieces together as if you were dealing with a jigsaw puzzle. To do this, there need to be zero gaps in your game knowledge. This is how you will be able to place analytical bets based on outside data, that fits into the game you are betting on.

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